What To Do When Life Hit YOU Like a Ton of Bricks aka Broken Heart

YOU get a broken heart. It finds you; no time is great for you to go through this. This blog is advice on what to do when life hits you like a ton of bricks how to get over a broken heart for whatever reason a friendship went south, job let you go, or perhaps something else happen. Life is screaming, “Wake Up Hard, It hurts!” So, what do you do some of this advice is simple but works.

Pain relievers are time a broken heart does mend.. and life does go on sooner or later. But, what do before time starts to kind in and work….

[Only you are in charge so treat you with the right amount of kindness that you need at your time of need don’t blame yourself.

[ Talk to somebody else get out of your own head about this.

[ Instead of fighting a person; peacefully write a person a letter don’t be afraid to tell the person how you really feel don’t give the letter to that person.

[Allow YOURSELF to feel whatever that means to you.  It’s different things for different people…just get it out……………………..Sad and doom and happy and etc….that’s the point pain will go away. 

[ Why you? Anger at the world!! Why not beat up a pillow? Yes, you heard me.  Crazy, but simple and peaceful – pretend you’re a boxer and let that pillow have it.

[ Spend time with people. Don’t allow yourself to be alone 24/7 even though that is want you may want to do.

[ Find joy in your daily agenda. Whatever that looks like for you.

[Sit and plot your to-do list of things you want to get done. Then grab an appointment book or blank sheet of paper and think of a schedule for yourself to get these 10 things done from the start of your day until the moment its goodnight time.  Every step even the small stuff, while you are going through the healing stages of a broken heart of any relationship. The worst mistake mistake is to feel in life you are alone, lonely, abandoned, or depressed this is not your fault. There were faults that cause this.   

[If you feel this way nothing to be ashamed of you might need to hug a pillow instead of needing to pretend to be a boxer.

[ Go run errands here and there that you enjoy doing and get them done.  You will be shocked—you will feel better.  You might not want to ask for trouble and on purpose go to places that might trigger bad memories that might bring up the need to try new things and places to try, do, and explore.  

[ Be in the holiday spirit.  Don’t be a Scrooge. Go shopping as it is needed by you. Don’t stay as a hermit low on groceries.  Don’t be alone.

[VOLUNTEER. [Find a place to volunteer. When you find a place to volunteer as you help others you will find you will be helped all the more with that thing of yours called your broken heart as it begins to heal.

[Don’t rush things.. your healing process will take as long as you need it to take.

[ Attempt steps even in rotten mood or if you feel like you are just going through the motions.

[ If These Steps are of no help trying talking to a professional aka therapist, who will listen and be supportive.

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