Surf Board: Body Pillow What’s Up Here?

You might need a body pillow to rest if your body is twisted if your body has ever been or felt like it has been twisted like the picture above…. To have enough energy to tackle your day having sleep is important agreed?  That’s right!!!  In this day and age where people are turning to violence taking what’s not theirs stealing from one another enough is enough…when you are sleeping have you tried a body pillow.

NEVER HEARD of such of a thing what does it look like? It is long like a surf board but puffy like a pillow that is fit for the length of the body therefore the name body pillow to help ease in aches and pains as you are sleeping with your body.  You may want to admit it or not.  Have you ever in the morning after not the pill woke up feeling drained not enough sleep worse than before the aches and pains are still there. Pain may still be on your spine, in your hips, shoulders, knees, etc…. a body pillow could be of help.

When you first look at body pillows ie surf boards these thing come in different sizes and shapes are taller than you are or about as tall that can be threatening… do you find out a great fit if you don’t try it?  That is how you found out you loved things like your favorite foods or a shortcut to friend’s house you tried it.

Benefits of a GREAT night sleep isn’t it worst the gamble….

Surf Board ie Body Pillow you use it however you find most comfortable to you?

You can get creative…. There are no right or wrong ways.  Sleep is the goal putting an end to the enemy of can’t get no sleep.

Give body pillow a hug. Then go to sleep.

According to your pain level invent what feels good, if you’re sleeping on your painfree side, proceed as you deem fit.

You can either hug the body pillow or gently rest your hands on it. You are in control.

Back screaming in pain just simply lay on top of the body pillow it should be long enough to cover you back.

Published by ladytaz28

You will never at pillows the same way again from supporting your body, supporting your electronics, remembering your walk at the beach by seeing seashells, petting animals, foods, or using a pillow at night for a good nights sleep. I choose the iris for its color purple royalty. YOU feel wonderful when you get the proper night's sleep... like royalty... just the opposite when you do not get the proper sleep pillows help you with that.... decor look, when you feel off and many other uses just not time for bed... from starting your day to other things pillowsandbedstuff and other other things... can help it is not punish yourself if you forget this people are human................

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