Foods to Help YOU Kick Insomnia

It’s getting asleep and staying asleep if you are challenged in that arena…foods no problem. How about a seafood diet. You seafood; you eat foods that are geared toward helping you want to go to bed and get to sleep. Not go to sleep and flop in your bed for two hours and you wonder why you made the mistake of why are you in your bed to begin with you are not sleeping anyway. You could be getting something else done like catching a late night movie or DVR marathon of your fav etc….. or Netflix.

Let’s try something different. This is not calorie counting. This is self-control. These are foods to help you fall asleep idea about an hour before desired for your idea bedtime no judgments. Besides the right pillow; your body has got to be in the right mood for sleep. It could be too stressed out for sleep. Have you ever tried eating bananas? Magnesium is a muscle relaxant and produces melatonin and serotonin and promotes sleeping. You have probably drunk a cold glass of milk or ate turkey, chicken, lean beef, beans, spinach, and cheese. All of the items before the rice contain tryptophan cause a person to get sleepy. Rice high on g–index then energy crush. Energy crush promotes sleep. Whole grain crackers at the correct hour produces insulin promotes sleep. Whole Wheat Pasta produces insulin that promotes sleep. Salmon is great for heart health and weight and promotes serotonin and melatonin known for promoting sleeping.

Published by ladytaz28

You will never at pillows the same way again from supporting your body, supporting your electronics, remembering your walk at the beach by seeing seashells, petting animals, foods, or using a pillow at night for a good nights sleep. I choose the iris for its color purple royalty. YOU feel wonderful when you get the proper night's sleep... like royalty... just the opposite when you do not get the proper sleep pillows help you with that.... decor look, when you feel off and many other uses just not time for bed... from starting your day to other things pillowsandbedstuff and other other things... can help it is not punish yourself if you forget this people are human................

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