Pillows On Over Encouragement!!!

Hit me up at pillowsandbedstuff@yahoo.com. If God has ever shined up on you. If could win you a free year’s subscription to Guideposts or Mysterious Ways….YOUR choice let me know? YOU can bless others. YOU can do it….

About an encouraging tale that happened to YOU that was a mysterious way that has no other words, God loves YOU.

IF it is picked YOU would not mind being published on Pillows on Over Encouragement.

The winner will be contacted via email on 12.30.20 or later. Entries will be accepted until then. If picked be sure to include YOUR choice either Mysterious Ways or Guideposts for a free 1 year subscription.

To have YOUR entry be included in the drawing would YOU like it if Pillows on Over Encouragement was a weekly feature? If enough entries keep coming I might just consider it; if enough of you want it… IT is up to YOU to make the choice for me.

Published by ladytaz28

You will never at pillows the same way again from supporting your body, supporting your electronics, remembering your walk at the beach by seeing seashells, petting animals, foods, or using a pillow at night for a good nights sleep. I choose the iris for its color purple royalty. YOU feel wonderful when you get the proper night's sleep... like royalty... just the opposite when you do not get the proper sleep pillows help you with that.... decor look, when you feel off and many other uses just not time for bed... from starting your day to other things pillowsandbedstuff and other other things... can help it is not punish yourself if you forget this people are human................

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