Lack of Focus a Weakness for Some People YOU try YOUR Best

To achieve things but at the end of a day not much is done… other people don’t seem to have this issue

Other things seem to draw your attention to be done first then other things and then other things then others a repeating theme here day after day week after week… drive let’s go somewhere and do anything else but that thing!!  My heart  is not in it today. A to-do list is too long to do.  Why bother there is no end in sight, right.  Time Management issues, physical health issues, which includes focus and sleep issues not getting hydration enough is another focus killer. Depression and anxiety  and other conditions rewire the brain represent other challenges to deal with….stress hormones going haywire and crossways…..meaningless or threats how well do you know others and challenges that others face.

YOU need to have a reward at the end of a project done to reward yourself and others if needed when all is finished. 

Knowing that distractions aren’t a lack of focus; it’s simply letting yourself become focused on something other than the main goal to be finished. Letting myself not be punished for not being perfect. This is troubling because it makes things run off schedule. I have learned not to punish myself and roll with imperfections. Genius DEMANDS Effort to work on your lack of Focus…

Published by ladytaz28

You will never at pillows the same way again from supporting your body, supporting your electronics, remembering your walk at the beach by seeing seashells, petting animals, foods, or using a pillow at night for a good nights sleep. I choose the iris for its color purple royalty. YOU feel wonderful when you get the proper night's sleep... like royalty... just the opposite when you do not get the proper sleep pillows help you with that.... decor look, when you feel off and many other uses just not time for bed... from starting your day to other things pillowsandbedstuff and other other things... can help it is not punish yourself if you forget this people are human................

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