Be YOU NOT Another……

Never stop reaching out and beyond to the Milky Way and keep on, but more on slowly, loving every move along the voyage. It is all about the bouts that make the journey complete. Never stop discovering new things about YOU!!! In the new year you might want to stop smoking, lose weight, you mightContinue reading “Be YOU NOT Another……”

Don’t Forget?

Don’t forget YOUR celebrations with friends, family, and the togetherness today as everybody celebrates Christmas. Today it isn’t who got what. YOU know I got more that YOU. I overdosed on the fixings on the meal today. It is the true meaning of Christmas. NO it isn’t getting together to sing christmas carols and thinkingContinue reading “Don’t Forget?”

Christmas Jungle….

I went shopping yesterday…. it was like a jungle out there this close to Christmas! The cars, people, traffic on the roads and in the stores remind me of a football game get in and out and score back to you car…. Touchdown!!! Perhaps I should have planned better. I wasn’t the only one outContinue reading “Christmas Jungle….”