EZ Does It?

Re–Covering from YOUR weekend? How do you destress? Stay Motivated the weekend is coming…. try your best to stay focused…..

Try to get to a schedule and stick to it ……

Don’t punish yourself when things happen.

*IMPORTANT tip….great pillow and proper sleep make your day better with whatever you have going on in your life… Would you not agree?


New let it introduce YOUR Pillow on your couch or chair Quick , Easy introduction to the tv room take a look at this….. pillow cover King or Queen of the TV Room after a long, hard day..if you can not see the picture hit the Pillowcover and see what I mean…..

Available in your choice or letters….


Hard to NOT get overwhelmed or distracted when YOU are looking at something that is why you shouldn’t do it….. IF you try to make yourself look at it as try to do a little day by day ever so small as a cookie crumb or a small bite as of your favorite cookie over time…. a lot sooner than later you can look back and that project that seemed so you can’t start have no clue where to begin will one day be done!!! Trick is to be disciplined to try to stick with the small steps the cookie bites or crumbs or you could be a baker or reward system of a different type instead of NEVER or being negative or being distracted as helping others and not where you need it the most. Perhaps YOU know people that will help you?

Pain Under Wraps?

Hey, don’t let pain rule you check out cbdpillow.com at this link and see it is not laying on a pillow getting high fighting pain that way. I at times when I need cbd for headaches I use cbd. I used to think cbd was for getting away from stress but it is there when the high wears off nothing changes YOUR problems are still there headaches are whatever yours are…..

Who to Be?

Be YOU if you find what works for you in your day to day to keep YOUR daily stressors to a low level do it… if it is a hobby that is not PC…be responsible if you don’t dress perfect. IF you are not a Brad Pitt or Sandra Bullock, YOU are beautiful or handsome but if you skip a proper sleep diet or food diet you will look and feel very different!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ever been there or done that I have sooner or later you feel it just like the gym you feel the burn!

Repeating…..IN Due Time

This is a great result of a great night’s sleep and managing stress… the trick is IT IS HARD FIND the winning formula… What works keeps changing… Stress is hard to keep down….The repeating pattern could be white noise symbol something you have going on while you have you own thing happening on here. IT is going on over there…. Or YOU could look at it as a reminder to keep your NOT a reminder of the twlight zone to keep your prayer requests known to God or things to do on your to do list. The choice is yours?

Go 2’s

People have their have their Got haves, Coffee, Smile Breaks whatever that looks like for you, a sunset, spending time with a loved one, a go Pepsi or Coke… in this world try some news that will make you smile rather you are more exotic at home in your pets are love dogs or cats stop by thedodo.com for some cheering up.