What Are YOU HuH?

https://pin.it/4ivGZOe https://pin.it/4ivGZOe

It is Friday Eve….. are YOU not glad if people aren’t… they are lying….you know the weekend is on the way. I am trying to practice this pin’s advice if you can not see it look YOU can not miss it…. but it is easier said than done… Would YOU NOT agree if NOT could you be lying it is all in YOUR prespective HOW you look at what is going down at a situation…. another person outlook.

Friday, HuH?

“Just Chill and Do You.”  Some quote, I found at the site https://www.therandomvibez.com/50-chill-vibes-quotes-sayings/. I haven’t did my blogging in a while ever hear the excuse while I…. you fill in the blank… that dude. The lady…. come on now. I am just happy to be in the land in the living! I need to quit playing daredevil and bucket down to start new habits in managing stress and try not to get so easily distracted Have you ever been sick or been under a lot of stress and feel this way?


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Drop IT; What NOW?

Is that NOT reality? Circumstances that don’t turn out well for you. Designs that continue to rehash where all YOU need to do is talk and end it. However, the more intelligent thing to do is drop it. HARD yet brilliant not to relive things the ways that come out in your favor but in the end could and will do permanent damage to your friendships YOU need to leave alone and drop it. IT is hard and easier said than done. Who has been there?


What do you find relaxing? Perhaps going for a hike in the woods along a trail to a cabin for the weekend or going mushroom hunting… look at me I found a mushroom. NOT your speed mushrooms or better on pizzas not wild in woods like Highlights hidden pictures like when you were younger. Perhaps you don’t find those thoughts relaxing one bit…. perhaps the feel of sand walking along the beach and hearing water waves hitting is more soothing for you to find peace and relaxation…