Pet What?

Pampered Excellent To stress reducers from the world aka Pets cats or dogs furbabies….we feed them, pet them, play with them, care for them, etc,……. do you know where they sleep outdoors, in the barn, garage, doghouse, don’t know, or perhaps a little too close for comfort? I have no picture for this article for your imagination to take over on what kind of bed would best suit your pet’s personality. The best you can do as a pet parent, YOU are the one in charge.

Pet beds are like people beds; they come in different sizes and shapes. YOUR furbaby is a part of your family as such a comfy pillow in the pet bed for naps for much enjoyment to be had is very important.

Surf Board: Body Pillow What’s Up Here?

You might need a body pillow to rest if your body is twisted if your body has ever been or felt like it has been twisted like the picture above…. To have enough energy to tackle your day having sleep is important agreed?  That’s right!!!  In this day and age where people are turning to violence taking what’s not theirs stealing from one another enough is enough…when you are sleeping have you tried a body pillow.

NEVER HEARD of such of a thing what does it look like? It is long like a surf board but puffy like a pillow that is fit for the length of the body therefore the name body pillow to help ease in aches and pains as you are sleeping with your body.  You may want to admit it or not.  Have you ever in the morning after not the pill woke up feeling drained not enough sleep worse than before the aches and pains are still there. Pain may still be on your spine, in your hips, shoulders, knees, etc…. a body pillow could be of help.

When you first look at body pillows ie surf boards these thing come in different sizes and shapes are taller than you are or about as tall that can be threatening… do you find out a great fit if you don’t try it?  That is how you found out you loved things like your favorite foods or a shortcut to friend’s house you tried it.

Benefits of a GREAT night sleep isn’t it worst the gamble….

Surf Board ie Body Pillow you use it however you find most comfortable to you?

You can get creative…. There are no right or wrong ways.  Sleep is the goal putting an end to the enemy of can’t get no sleep.

Give body pillow a hug. Then go to sleep.

According to your pain level invent what feels good, if you’re sleeping on your painfree side, proceed as you deem fit.

You can either hug the body pillow or gently rest your hands on it. You are in control.

Back screaming in pain just simply lay on top of the body pillow it should be long enough to cover you back.

What To Do When Life Hit YOU Like a Ton of Bricks aka Broken Heart

YOU get a broken heart. It finds you; no time is great for you to go through this. This blog is advice on what to do when life hits you like a ton of bricks how to get over a broken heart for whatever reason a friendship went south, job let you go, or perhaps something else happen. Life is screaming, “Wake Up Hard, It hurts!” So, what do you do some of this advice is simple but works.

Pain relievers are time a broken heart does mend.. and life does go on sooner or later. But, what do before time starts to kind in and work….

[Only you are in charge so treat you with the right amount of kindness that you need at your time of need don’t blame yourself.

[ Talk to somebody else get out of your own head about this.

[ Instead of fighting a person; peacefully write a person a letter don’t be afraid to tell the person how you really feel don’t give the letter to that person.

[Allow YOURSELF to feel whatever that means to you.  It’s different things for different people…just get it out……………………..Sad and doom and happy and etc….that’s the point pain will go away. 

[ Why you? Anger at the world!! Why not beat up a pillow? Yes, you heard me.  Crazy, but simple and peaceful – pretend you’re a boxer and let that pillow have it.

[ Spend time with people. Don’t allow yourself to be alone 24/7 even though that is want you may want to do.

[ Find joy in your daily agenda. Whatever that looks like for you.

[Sit and plot your to-do list of things you want to get done. Then grab an appointment book or blank sheet of paper and think of a schedule for yourself to get these 10 things done from the start of your day until the moment its goodnight time.  Every step even the small stuff, while you are going through the healing stages of a broken heart of any relationship. The worst mistake mistake is to feel in life you are alone, lonely, abandoned, or depressed this is not your fault. There were faults that cause this.   

[If you feel this way nothing to be ashamed of you might need to hug a pillow instead of needing to pretend to be a boxer.

[ Go run errands here and there that you enjoy doing and get them done.  You will be shocked—you will feel better.  You might not want to ask for trouble and on purpose go to places that might trigger bad memories that might bring up the need to try new things and places to try, do, and explore.  

[ Be in the holiday spirit.  Don’t be a Scrooge. Go shopping as it is needed by you. Don’t stay as a hermit low on groceries.  Don’t be alone.

[VOLUNTEER. [Find a place to volunteer. When you find a place to volunteer as you help others you will find you will be helped all the more with that thing of yours called your broken heart as it begins to heal.

[Don’t rush things.. your healing process will take as long as you need it to take.

[ Attempt steps even in rotten mood or if you feel like you are just going through the motions.

[ If These Steps are of no help trying talking to a professional aka therapist, who will listen and be supportive.

Life Can Be Boring. It’s time for a CHANGE!!!

Breeze through your day with ease not stress filled not hey here’s current events. A downer…huh? I know been watching too much of the local news.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your next day’s agenda’s. Here are some tips if you aren’t made of money…

Try planning a vacation close to home aka stay cation or perhaps stuff easier on the budget try a new activity that you have been putting off a new exercise class or a new food or simply a new activity to keep you busy during time off at home, or a reward system to reward yourself to get a dreaded chore out of the way your own creativity the best place to start. When this article was first written it had a teaser a riddle….if you have the correct pillow. It really gives you a fresh outlook for the rest of your day to help you tackle what your day has in store with a fresh outlook and it could work into your reward system bubble bath, a great shower, all the pampering yourself can do at home at your at home spa….you save money and can still enjoy.

A Great Choice For YOUR Good Night’s ZZZ’s

Choosing the correct pillow for your good night’s sleep is very important. A great pillow that is of great help to your head and neck without leaving too much pressure, as it conforms to the exact shape of your bed, thus spreading your weight evenly along your vertebrae.

Pillows are a constant source of confusion for people too hard, too soft extremely hard to find one just right like that blonde and the 3 bears fairy tale. In addition to problem with neck pain, lots of pillows can also cause shoulder issues. Your shoulder can’t be placed at a 90 degree angle  to the mattress, because that may  cause spasms in the muscles from a variety of actions.  Actions such as raising to skull which is very important to relax during sleep completely. If your shoulder is moved slightly forward on the mattress in front of the bed, can hold this position, the risk of putting pressure on the muscle and forcing the shoulder is lessened. By contrast, when in the 90 degree position, sleepers can start their day with less neck pain and upper arm and altered sensitivity to little and ring fingers.

If their pillow can put too much pressure on your neck in the back sleeping position, particularly the upper vertebrae. The pressure can irritate sensitive muscles and joints in the neck. Your joints are not resting easy, the inflammatory process can be sustained, and recovery will be much more difficult.

Pain in the shoulder on a hard surface often force the shoulder blade to the junction of the upper spine and neck, affecting the upper vertebrae. Nerve pathway on this site travels down the arm, and the causes or upper arm.

Shoulder problems are often caused by pain from the neck its connected pain in the back as well see the importance on a good pillow.  Therefore, the stabilization of the neck during sleep is of utmost importance! Put some thought into choosing a good pillow – In addition to finally achieve the dream of a great night’s sleep, you can end up saving yourself from neck and shoulder pain too!

Don’t buy a new pillow unless it meets these four points:

A great pillow is designed to keep the spine in natural alignment. The pillow needs to be comfortable not to high 4 to 6 inches not to cause breathing issues when sleeping.

A large part of what makes a good pillow is you like what you like.

A pillow should be adjustable.

Pillow should conform to what the sleeper wants. (Their sleep positions and pressure points)

Pillows for every sleeping position.

Using a pillow while sleeping on the back. When lying on the back, a pillow should support the natural curves of the spine, with proper support of the head, neck, and shoulders. While sleeping on the back, the height of the pillow should be lower than the side position. Place a pillow or two beneath the knees further alleviates any back pain.

Using a pillow while sleeping on your side. Your pillow should support your head and neck so that the natural spine is in a horizontal line. It’s weight should be evenly placed not to create problems.  Some people desire extra support and get it by placing a small pillow or rolled towel under their waist.

If you care to use a pillow while sleeping on your stomach it be relatively flat. In this position, it is often best to place another relatively flat pillow in the stomach to help keep the spine in its natural place.

It is important to know that your neck may hurt a little while it is getting used to any new pillow  adjusting to its new curves, but to expect extreme comfort after that!  This gives new meaning to the words “No pain, no gain.”

Introduce Yourself LadyTaz28:)

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Blog just has to be you. YOU are a pro at that!!! Don’t worry if you haven’t given it a name yet, or you’re feeling overwhelmed. who isn’t in this world pressure is everywhere my pen name is Lady because I am one and Taz to represent the busyness that we all feel living in today’s world. That number of 28 is just a number that I like and part luck of the draw.

Why do this?

  • Because it gives new readers context. What are you about? Why should they read your blog?
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