Sock it To Me

What does socks mean to YOU? Well in this weather it means two of them to keep your feet warm it could interfere with a good night’s sleep just like the wrong pillow. Check out this link for unique thoughts of YOU being YOU. Does it mean… Sensationsal; Outstanding; Company; Keep on going; Step by Step on going until you get to where YOU need to be left right left repeat……when energy is a little less than YOU would like…


NO good, Fresh outlook? No doubt! Know when to walk a way…Case in point…. the importance of a great night’s sleep be ready for anything? Other things can be off when YOU are doing well….Don’t forget YOUR sense of HUMOR…..or a break from YOUR frustrations of life throwing you lemons and you have not yet developed a taste for lemonade.

Hung WHAT?

Don’t punish YOURself Hung what over from New Year’s Eve? Don’t Forget to try to take an eaze and realize nobody is perfect NOT even yourself and the world will not fall apart if everything doesn’t happen the way you think it should or everything on your list doesn’t get completed in 24 hours…. YOU are only human and things come up.

Should I or Not?

What should I choose to have for today as my New Year’s Resolutions? YOU need to pick one and stick to it. It doesn’t not matter what it is perhaps it is ending the struggle with a diet help with it in additionial join a gym, quit smoking, better time managment, or just not punish yourself with things when life throw YOU curveballs. Don’t give up goals can be reached. Every now and then reward yourself.

Be YOU NOT Another……

Never stop reaching out and beyond to the Milky Way and keep on, but more on slowly, loving every move along the voyage. It is all about the bouts that make the journey complete. Never stop discovering new things about YOU!!! In the new year you might want to stop smoking, lose weight, you might just want to handle stress better, or a bigger it is just NOT get distracted by life’s curveballs from what YOU want to do to be a better YOU.


With New Year drawing nearer have you thought about to the sorts of things YOU need to do and be a NEW YOU in the NEW YEAR…..Got to get out strength some place and it won’t come from some self improvement master… Our Lord Jesus Christ is the response.

Everyone is going to have their difficulties yet the stunt is step by step… try to keep sparing with your goals don’t let them pass by like some do of losing weight as February comes…….

Mysterious Ways….

God, What mystery? What are you talking about? He is no mystery writer? I will read a book… sure it is called the Bible…. miracles….. ever have things happen that have no other way of explaining why they are taking place?

God works in Mysterious Ways!!!

Mysteries do not always have to be bad to go as unexplained. Have you ever had something that happened to you that went down as unexplained.

God is working in Mysterious Ways!!!

Don’t Forget?

Don’t forget YOUR celebrations with friends, family, and the togetherness today as everybody celebrates Christmas. Today it isn’t who got what. YOU know I got more that YOU. I overdosed on the fixings on the meal today. It is the true meaning of Christmas. NO it isn’t getting together to sing christmas carols and thinking beter luck next year if no white christmas it is the birth of Jesus Christ the True sin eraser. Don’t forget the true meaning of Christmas?

Christmas Jungle….

I went shopping yesterday…. it was like a jungle out there this close to Christmas! The cars, people, traffic on the roads and in the stores remind me of a football game get in and out and score back to you car…. Touchdown!!! Perhaps I should have planned better. I wasn’t the only one out and about….Merry Christmas Everybody…..