Hurrying and Rushing…

I have been trying to survive…pain rushing around trying to think of ways to overcome the stress of the holidays…. with Christmas approaching. I just recently got to feeling somewhat better but still on guard safety first when traveling masking, cleaning, and safety rules when driving then there is parking and shopping and traffic in stores.

Let IT Roll….

Have YOU ever been there had a bad week? Everything seems to be against YOU? Things seem to go uphill or follow you downhill? It seems to be a matter of time before things come down and YOU could be in the way but relax it is the weekend. Time to relax and let it Roll it a matter of speaking….clear your mind with a good night’s sleep it all start’s with that with the right pillow. It YOU don’t feel good your day goes downhill in a hurry.

Could Be All YOURS?

Supply is Limited Pillowcases/Covers of Certain Letters to make things feel more like YOURS talk about that personal touch of what is mine is mine is yours. Perfect for that special monogram something at a cheap price just includes the pillow case may be different than the picture. Be sure to hit the title of the blog to learn more…

Good Night Is It?

YOU need good sleep that starts with a great pillow try not to get your sleep interrupted, that would get it downgraded.  Sleep quality is important as the amount.

If YOU lack sleep. YOUR need increases YOUR body feels it…that makes sense right…YOU need more rest have you even been to bed yet? The day even starting seems like a unlikely task; a mack truck hit you. Ever been there? What YOU did to get you in this mess was good when YOU were having the fun. NOW it is time to pay in a few days a great night’s sleep when find YOU. YOU hope it is tonight? YOU are dragging……

zzz….It’s about Time…

It’s about time YOU deserve a good night’s sleep it is NOT about how high YOU can get; It is about YOU getting what YOU deserve a good night’s sleep….Have YOU ever tried CBD… Can Be Deserved You a Great night’s Sleep…without that you trying to get through your day you will be dragging. Enough said what have you got to lose and everything to gain… a CBD pillow try the about link to learn more.

10 Q


What do YOU GOT? It is fall time again. Time for the leaves on the trees to due their thing to fall down. For YOU and me to be thankful for food and a place to call home and health. YOU know the blessings; we all at times have a flaw about overlooking. We want this and that… as YOU sit down today and try to not overdose on the fixings of THANKSGIVING try to remember to be thankful. I know a lot of easier said than done.

Careful What Burns?

Have YOU ever Burned with excitement? Who hasn’t looked forward to something a shopping trip, spending time with loved ones, willing to travel to somewhere YOU have never been, or burned with zeal then you are laying low too hard last night after a workout at the gym after YOU ate too much. You should have took an easy yesterday, but YOU burned the midnight oil…it got the best of YOU.

Sock WHAT?

I am not talking about what was that guy wearing last night? Where YOU should have not been or gone at something too hard at the gym? YOU should have not done that a conversation had time to recover? I am talking about socks it pays to wear them when you have cold feet….check this out:


Don’t try to recovery from the weekend… that HUNGOVER feeling early Turkey parties… or simply that drug that makes people sleepy…. does anybody know how to spell that any way?????? How many of you will be kissing at Thanksgiving? WHAT the ? Do you mean LadyTAZ? L et me tell you Keep It Simply Simple on Thursday Eat, Be with People that you Love that YOU may or not technically be related to and be thankful for the things that you have. There is a lot of craziness in this world but love as well, friends, family; We should try to be thankful as best we should with the best amount of sleep come Thursday…