PILLe On What? Wisdom

What R U talking about NOW?

Tell it to me?

Nothing YOU Can’t do anything without stress? If you can please email me how to go that pillowsandbedstuff@aol.com

Everybody has got stress if they don’t… They are lying… YOU make it work for you or hurt hurt it is a change in prospective…. Reward system is one way … like a dreadedappointment…. etc… or pacing yourself…. or perhaps YOU walked in on a talk without all of the facts.. YOU were unprepared.

CBD What?

CBD oil and other uses not just getting high it has a name to help YOU in your daily aches and pains from exercising, living day to day, when you did a little too much something something or a normal headache that falls into the My HEADACHE that a normal person knows as migraines…try it for your stress and anxieties but I’m perfect.. YOU have no problems… YOU COULD have a great pillow…. have the right amount of covers sleeping solo or have the one you love the most next to you… stress is going to find you listening to the news, radio, etc… ever try a cbd pillow? They do exist?


Attempt to try to find YOUR own pace and new habits in YOUR new life at first it will be different and slow going hard to accept going against a gentle tide like a turtle. But sooner or later if you don’t get distracted YOU will find the new ways will be worth it the adjustment period that did not feel good when YOU were going through it. A gentle reminder there are always going to be tough times but a good night’s sleep does make things look better in the morning with the right pillow. The huge trick to remember is there are a whole lot of mornings sometimes and nights before real difference or change happens slowly but surely day after day.

Cures? Tell Me?

Emotional overwhelm is a state of being beset by intense emotion that is difficult to manage. It can affect your ability to think and act rationally. … Emotional overwhelm may be caused by stress, traumatic life experiences, relationship issues, and much more. I looked this up on Google.

Have you ever been on Google and thought it needs to stop stooping into your life. NO!!! You are the one that needs to try to think and structure a new way despite the roadblocks of being overwhelmed of trying to accomplish what you want done.

Sometimes in that pursue YOU get nothing done but hurting others and not much else, or nothing else. It is best to try to pace yourself and not burn out with little steps or goals then do nothing and spark out July 4th was fun. The fireworks and music was fun, but don’t spark out. I have issues. I get distracted easy. I need to learn to be more focused. It all starts with you fill in the blank but I …….. you don’t know my stressors…..a good night’s sleep with the right pillow.