Christmas Jungle….

I went shopping yesterday…. it was like a jungle out there this close to Christmas! The cars, people, traffic on the roads and in the stores remind me of a football game get in and out and score back to you car…. Touchdown!!! Perhaps I should have planned better. I wasn’t the only one outContinue reading “Christmas Jungle….”

Good Night Is It?

YOU need good sleep that starts with a great pillow try not to get your sleep interrupted, that would get it downgraded.  Sleep quality is important as the amount. If YOU lack sleep. YOUR need increases YOUR body feels it…that makes sense right…YOU need more rest have you even been to bed yet? The dayContinue reading “Good Night Is It?”

Friday About Time!!!

Have you ever created piles of junk of the floor? PILLes OF Wisdom have you ever heard those…. things…Gets a good night’s sleep, be good person. perhaps limit your caffeine intake and most important. TREAT YOUR FURBABiES LIKE A PART OF THE FAMILY LET THEM LOVE YOU TOO. This cat is ready for a FridayContinue reading “Friday About Time!!!”